Investor Relations

In 1998, a small group of local businessmen with a common drive for performance and community gathered to discuss the vision for a new bank. They envisioned a community bank that ran on an innate urge for success along with an understanding for the small businesses and citizens of their hometown. Bank of the Carolinas fulfills that vision. Our mission is to provide second-to-none service for our customers, ultimate value for our shareholders, and inspiration for our employees and community.

When you invest in our bank, you not only invest in our performance, but also in our core values. They are the guiding principles of our bank, and they reflect the way we believe in doing business. Our core values are as follows:

  • We treat our customers the way we expect to be treated.
  • We exist to make a profit that equals or exceeds our peers’.
  • We employ honest people to deal with honest people.
  • We challenge our employees to be better than they think they can be.
  • We treat each other and our customers with dignity and respect, and without prejudice.
  • Our behaviors must match our values.

Bank of the Carolinas is committed to long term success by following these guiding principles. As you move through this website, you will get to know us through our performance measures. You will find key shareholder information and financial reports available to help put Bank of the Carolinas Corporation’s financial performance into perspective. We invite you through our doors to experience our values and customer service in action.

Thank you,
Stephen R. Talbert
President and CEO

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